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Learn how to earn $5,000

How it works

How would you like to earn easy cash! If you have a smart phone with a camera, you're already qualified! We are constantly expanding and looking for new properties to purchase. That's where you come in, we will compensate you for ever property you send us. Our team is looking to purchase 5-6 properties a month, and would like you to find properties that look abandoned or in disrepair. 

             What We Need From You:                                  Your Compensation Per House:

Tier 1:  Property Address/Owner's Name & Phone Number                   $2.00

Tier 2:  # Bathrooms & Bedrooms/Sq. Feet, Year Built, Asking Price     $3.00

Tier 3:  Owner's Loan Balance/Owners Reason for Selling                      $8.00

Bonus: Property Photos                                                                               Additional $2.00

Any Property purchased by us will result in a Bonus of $500!!

Please Note: Tier 2 cannot be attained unless Tier 1 is completed. Tier 3 cannot be attained unless Tiers 1 and 2 are completed. Bonus section can be applied to any tier level. 

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What To Provide

If you're providing a referral for a friend or colleague looking to invest in real estate or sell their property. Please provide us with their name, number, and email. Please inform them that we will be in contact within 48 hours to set up a meeting to discuss details and answer any questions they may have.

Please do not suggest a friend, colleague, or property without their knowledge, or without knowing if they are interested or capable of investing and or looking to sell their property. 

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Main Number: (484) 800-1505 Fax Number: (215) 982-1651 Email: