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Home Buyer Program

Build Your Dream Home!

Why can't you have your dream home?

Our Home Buyer Program is tailored to your desires, needs, and budget.

Buying the right home in today's market is difficult. You have a lot of options but you are restricted to what the home has, and make renovations after purchasing is time consuming, and expensive.

With our Home Buyer Program, we fix a house to your specifications. We ask you a range of questions to determine what you're looking for. Bedroom count, bathroom count, desired zip code, and any special feature you may desire. We take the worst house on the block for cheap, renovate the house to your design and specifications. We provide realistic timelines and professional quality work from start to finish. 

This process eliminates searching for the acceptable home, because you are building your dream home. Always wanted a slide from your bedroom to the backyard, you name it we provide. 

The Process & The Benefits:

1: You pick the house in the neighborhood you desire 

2: We look for it and inform you when you have a possible match that meets your criteria and liking.

For Example: 3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom townhouse with a deck and a garage.

3: Our staff sits with you and creates the plans for your future home, down to the paint colors 

4: We provide you with realistic timelines and show the house every step of the way to make sure its meeting your standards

5: We happily hand you the keys to your dream home, designed by you for you.

Home Swap Program

Did you have another child and now your home is too small? Maybe your child is moving out and you don't like all the extra space.

Whatever the reason we have the solution. Our home swap program works hand in hand with our home buyers program. We will find your new house for you, make all the repairs and updates according to you. When it's time to move in, we subtract the equity in your house from your new house. Welcome to your new home!

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